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  • 2133 Gentry Memorial, Highway Pickens, SC 29671, United States
  • +1 864-123-4567
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Body Art by Design Coventry tattoo studio giving customised tattoo designs, Dermal Implant and Tattoo Removal plus Laser Removal. Located Coventry, West Midlands, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Tattoo Studio

body art tattoo CoventryWe will not Tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years. identification will be asked for, if we have any doubts as to age.

We recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes in our Art & Design Studio, in order to ensure that your chosen design is the correct size for the area in which it will be tattooed. We recommend that you spend as much time in art and design as is necessary to create or alter a design so that is exactly as you want it.

Tattoo Studio time is charged at £50.00 per hour. Appointments are not always necessary, but it is probably best to telephone us if you are travelling some distance. (024) 7666 1660

Art & Design Studio time is free.

Body Art by Design is now using the latest Computer Aided Design programs to create original designs, alter existing designs and manipulate factors such as size, angle, colours etc. to produce original personalized designs.

We believe that a tattoo can only ever be as good as the Design and so it must be worth spending as much time as is necessary in Art & Design to get it right.

A tattoo is for life, make sure you love the design!

We offer Art & Design work for the Trade as well as the Public, so if you are already having work done by another Tattooist and wish to take your Design to him or her for the tattooing then that is fine.

We are also happy to re-size and alter existing designs for Tattooists who do not have access to C.A.D. equipment.

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