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  • 2133 Gentry Memorial, Highway Pickens, SC 29671, United States
  • +1 864-123-4567
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Body Art by Design Coventry tattoo studio and Specialist Piercing provides body piercing, customised tattoo designs, Dermal Implant and Tattoo Removal plus Laser Removal. Located Coventry, West Midlands, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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Specialist Piercing offer the most comprehensive Body Art service providing:-

Specialist Piercing
Here at Specialist Piercing we follow strict clinical procedures to ensure that all our equipment and jewellery is clinically sterile.

All jewellery is bought new from suppliers in Britain and Europe who have a Certificate of Conformity to establish that all materials used in manufacture meet the highest standards set by E.U. Directive No. 94/27/EC.

New jewellery received by us is checked for quality before being Ultrasonically cleaned then sealed in a sterilisation pouch and placed in our Clinical Autoclave. When removed the item is guaranteed to be clinically sterile and is not opened until the piercing is about to be performed.

We always advise that initial piercings are made using Titanium Grade (Ti6AL-4V) or (Ti6AL-4V Eli) as these are the highest standard available and are used world-wide in the medical implant industry for the manufacture of items such as replacement heart valves, pacemakers and replacement body parts and joints.

It is of utmost importance that an initial piercing is made using not only the correct type of material but also the correct size and shape. At Specialist Piercing each piercing is made to perfectly fit the individual, we stock all sizes. All are welcome to call or come in and look around. We always advise that you shop around and ask questions.

All needles, swabs, gloves etc. are disposable and all instruments are chemically sterilized, washed and then sealed in sterilisation pouches before being placed in our clinical autoclave for a full sterilisation cycle.

Pouches remain unopened until required.

We offer a full cleaning and sterilisation service for new and used jewellery or clinical equipment.
Ultrasonic cleaning of jewellery will give the cleanest, brightest shine possible.

Body Art by Design
Body Art by Design share our sterilisation room, however, they use a completely different set of equipment including their own Ultrasonic Chemical Bath and so there is no chance of cross-contamination. All sterilisation procedures are of the highest order and we do not re-use needles or inks, these are changed for every customer. Machine tips, Grips and Needle bars are put through a full sterilisation cycle between customers.

We cannot stress enough the importance of Sterility and Hygiene in the Tattoo and Body Piercing Industry. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions in order to satisfy yourself that everything that touches you is either brand new or clinically sterile.


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